Become An Excel Ninja – Course Review

Published on April 4, 2017

Become An Excel Ninja – Course Review

This post contains an unbiased review of Yoda Learning’s Advanced Excel Course – Become an Excel Ninja.



As an Excel Blogger, I always try to keep abreast with all the excel courses doing well. I try to find more about all such courses so that I can join them, try them and recommend them to my readers so that they themselves don’t have to do such trial and error (and waste money in the process).

I have taken a lot of excel courses myself before starting Mad About Excel, and after becoming an Excel blogger the number of courses enrolled into by me has only increased. I find myself more interested in online courses as compared to face-to-face coaching, as the former gives me more flexibility.

I am a keen learner and never shy away from learning anything new. Some of the courses that I do have nothing new to offer me (I must admit there are a lot of rubbish courses), but there are certainly some courses in Excel that still impress me with the kind of knowledge I manage to gather from taking them.

One such course is ‘Become an Excel Ninja‘ by Yoda Learning.

A few days ago, I received an email from the co-founder of Yoda Learning – Rishabh Bhandari. He praised Mad About Excel and asked me if I would mind writing a review of ‘Become an Excel Ninja’. I was all up for it (although I replied a month later!). The reason? ‘Become an Excel Ninja’ was one of the first courses I had taken on Excel (at that time I had only a 6-month access to the course and it’s sad that I didn’t finish it), at a time when I was working for a Big 4 consulting firm and was struggling to get my footing there because of lack of excel skills. This course had helped me a lot in saving my job – and so has a special place in my heart. Also, this course was one of the reasons I developed a keen interest in Excel, which eventually resulted in me becoming an Excel blogger.

Below is my honest and unbiased review of the course. Please note that I have been given a free limited-time access to the course by Rishabh, to be able to write an honest review. Also, I assure you that, although the link to purchase the course (given below) is an affiliate link (i.e. I get a commission if you buy the course through this link), the below review is totally unbiased.

The Instructor

The instructor of this course, Rishabh Pugalia (not the Rishabh mentioned above), is a professional Excel trainer. Rishabh Pugalia has trained the employees of various Fortune 500 companies and has vast experience of training Excel. Rishabh is well-known for his unmatched lecture delivery and training methods (more on that later).


Features of the Course

The various features of the ‘Become an Excel Ninja’ course are given below:

  1. The course consists of 177 video lectures as on the date of publishing this review.
  2. Students can download the exact Excel files on which the instructor works in the various lectures and try what he or she has learned along with or after watching the lecture.
  3. Periodic quizzes form a part of the course, where students can test their skills to monitor their progress.
  4. Students can keep track of their progress in the course by watching the progress bar that tells the student the exact percentage of the course he or she has completed.
  5. All students completing this course get a verifiable Course Completion Certificate.
  6. Students can download the lectures for offline viewing.
  7. The course offers a hassle-free 30-day money back guarantee.
  8. Students get a PDF titled ‘The Ultimate Handbook to Become An Excel Ninja’ containing numerous excel tips and tricks.

Course Content

The course consists of 20 sections, divided based on the subjects covered. You can get an idea about the course content by reviewing the names of the various sections of the ‘Become an Excel Ninja’ course listed below:

  • 001 Handpicked Ninja Shortcuts
  • 002 FormulaWarm-Up
  • 003 Formatting Tricks
  • 004 Cell Referencing ($) – Relative & Absolute
  • 005 Go To – Special “magic wand”
  • 006 Sort, Filter & Advanced Filter
  • 007 Working with Dates
  • 008 Data (Cell Input) Validation
  • 009 Setting up work area view
  • 010 Pivot Table
  • 011 Lookups& Conditional Calculations
  • 012 Data Cleaning / “Sanitizing” & Text Formulas
  • 013 Logical Formulas – Single & Combo
  • 014 Conditional Formatting
  • 015 What-If Analysis
  • 016 Subtotal & 3D Data Consolidation
  • 017 Workbook & Worksheet Security
  • 018 Printing
  • 019 Multiple Windows, Comments, Hyperlinking
  • 020 Excel Arrays

The Main Pros of ‘Become an Excel Ninja’

  1. Unmatched training skills of Rishabh – One of the most distinguishing features of this course is the trainer himself. Beyond any doubt, Rishabh is an ideal Excel instructor, the reason being his simple lecture delivery. The way Rishabh teaches makes the student really comfortable. He makes Excel a fun and easy thing to learn and also manages to hold the attention of students. He refrains from using difficult jargon and focuses on the object of the student understanding the concept. Also, the passion with which he teaches rubs off his students. He doesn’t bore the student with unnecessary stuff and focuses solely on the subject in hand.
  2. Easy-to-use interface – The Yoda Learning website is very user-friendly. become an excel ninja 5Once you log into the student area and select the course you want to learn you are taken to the student’s course dashboard. On the left side of the screen are listed all the video lectures, and on the right, you can watch the lecture videos. You can view the lectures any number of times and in any order you like. You can easily pause or stop a video or watch it on full-screen mode. After watching the video you can click on the ‘Complete and continue’ button and proceed to the next video. Simple, but effective.
  3. The range of topics covered – The course manages to cover quite a lot of ground as far as Advanced Excel training is concerned. You can see the subjects covered in the list of sections given above. Again, all the above topics are covered in-depth. Covering all the 177 lectures (over 6 hours of video content) and doing the tons of practical exercises provided will definitely enable a student to call himself or herself an advanced excel user.
  4. Context is provided in the lectures – One great quality about Rishabh is that he explains everything by providing the student with a context and scenario in which a particular technique can be used and how to use the technique in the best possible manner. He never leaves the students thinking about the context for themselves, and this makes the experience a lot enriching for the student. The student can easily understand the relevance of the lecture and so finds grabbing the concept easier.
  5. High-Quality Videos – I have taken many online courses, but I must admit that the quality of training videos provided by Yoda Learning can be matched by none. They have left nothing on the table as far as the quality of video training is concerned.
    • You can see the instructor’s face in most videos, which helps the student relate to the instructor’s energy.
    • When Rishabh is talking about a particular cell or area, the screen zooms into that area of the worksheet which helps the student avoid any distraction.
    • The use of various indicators viz. highlights, boundaries etc. facilitates the student to grab all that is there to learn, and also to retain it better.
    • All the videos have subtitles in them. So, in case you have difficulty is understanding Rishabh’s accent, or if English was not your first language, they have that covered as well.
    • Every time a shortcut is used by Rishabh, it is shown on the screen for the student to understand better.
    • The examples and illustrations used by Rishabh are really good. They relate to real-life situations, which makes sure that the students find the stuff learned in this course useful while actually working on Excel.
    • Overall, the videos look very professionally made.
  6. Downloadable Excel Files – As mentioned above, students can download the exact Excel files on which Rishabh works in the various lectures. This helps the student to try the tips and techniques, and understand the concept a lot better when compared to just listening to the lectures without getting a chance to practice. Practicing on the same files also helps the student retain the concept.
  7. 30-Day money-back guarantee – The course offers a hassle-free 30-day money back guarantee.  This makes this course a ‘no-loss offer’ for the student. Not satisfied? Get your money back. Simple! Also, the fact that Yoda Learning gives this guarantee proves the amount of confidence they have on the quality of the course they have put together.
  8. Completion Certificate – The course offers a certificate to all students completing the course which makes it even more attractive. You get a great add-on into your CV. And I don’t need to say that Advanced Excel is one of the most sought-after skills in all industries today.

Just a few suggestions

I truly think that ‘Become an Excel Ninja’ does true justice to its name. A student, upon completion of this course, can definitely call himself or herself a ninja at Excel. There are just a few minor suggestions to the makers of this course, which I personally think will make the students’ experience even better:

  1. I think the volume of the videos can be increased a bit. I don’t like to use headphones too much and prefer listening to the videos via my laptop speakers. But when the fan is on, I had difficulty listening to the lectures without using headphones.
  2. Another suggestion would be to add sections on Charts and Macros. Although I wouldn’t suggest adding VBA to this course, I would definitely love the course even more if these two sections are added.

I must add here that the above two points are just my suggestions and are in no way a hindrance in the path of a student to become, as Yoda Learning calls them, an ‘Excel Ninja’.

Is this course for you?

I don’t know. All I can say is that ‘Become an Excel Ninja’ course has something (if not a lot) for all levels of excel users.

For Excel Beginners – This course can help you save a lot of time by teaching you stuff that will help you work much faster on Excel. You can beat the competition at work and can surely impress your boss! The course starts with basics like shortcuts and formatting techniques, which you can make the most of. Then, as your skills grow, the other topics will help definitely help you take your excel skills to the next level. Rishabh has kept things simple in the course. So, it wouldn’t be difficult for you to grasp the concepts.

For Intermediate Excel Users – If you have been using excel for a few years, but want to hone your skills, this course can be just what the doctor ordered for you. This course will definitely help you test your already acquired skills and will challenge you to become even better. This course will help you dive deeper into the various topics and concepts and become an advanced excel user.

For Advanced Excel Users – If you are an advanced user, this course may have a lot of surprises for you. I have certainly learned quite a few techniques from this course myself and have already added them to my day-to-day excel usage. I suggest to the advanced users to take this course as a test of your skills and doing this course will really help them to reinforce their knowledge and skills while filling whatever gaps still remain.


The current price of the ‘Become an Excel Ninja’ course is USD 100. In my opinion, the students should take this fee as an investment in their careers, and I am pretty sure that this course will pay for itself really soon.

Final Opinion

If you have read everything above you must be knowing by now how impressed I am with the ‘Become an Excel Ninja’ course. I would really like to congratulate Rishabh Bhandari and Rishabh Pugalia for putting together such a wonderful learning resource for the keen Excel learners. The quality of tutorials, the range of topics covered, the techniques discussed and the teaching approach of the instructor are the main factors that distinguish this course from the other Advanced Excel courses offered online and definitely gives this course an edge. I strongly recommend taking this course to all the excel enthusiasts.


To enroll in this course, you can click here.

As mentioned above, this is an affiliate link. In other words, I will get a commission if you enroll for this course using this link. But you can definitely rest assured that earning money has not been the motivation for me to write this review and recommend this course.

Others Courses offered by Yoda Learning

Apart from the ‘Become an Excel Ninja ‘ course, there are several other courses offered by Yoda Learning. Though I have not taken any of these courses myself, ‘Become an Excel Ninja’ makes me believe that these courses would be of very high quality and would definitely meet the levels of the standard expected from Yoda Learning. The list of all the courses offered by Yoda Learning, along with their course fee and link are given below for your reference.

CourseCourse Fee ($)Course Link
Excel Ninja100
Office Training Bundle270
Powerpoint Ninja79
Excel VBA60
Excel Dashboard49
Word Tutorials49
Outlook Ninja49
Python (Data Analysis)60
Access Tutorials25

Thanks for reading the review. I hope you found it helpful in deciding whether or not you should join ‘Become an Excel Ninja’. If you have any questions regarding the course or instructor, please feel free to leave a comment below.

See you soon. Happy Excelling! 



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