Best Books and Courses to Learn Excel VBA

In this article, I give you a list of my favorite books, courses and other resources to learn EXCEL VBA.


A few months ago, I conducted a survey with my Facebook fans. One of the few questions I asked in the survey was “What topics are you most interested in learning about in Excel?”. The question had 10 choices and the responses that I received clearly indicated one fact – the area that people are most interested in learning in Excel is VBA.

Now frankly speaking. VBA is not the easiest subject to learn. And it takes a very systematic approach to master. In short, you need a few good resources which can help you to learn Excel VBA  in a step-by-step manner, such that you find it interesting and easy to learn.

I also used (and still use) a mix of books, courses, websites, forums etc. to learn VBA. Below, I give you a list of the resources which, either I have used myself, or have been used by somebody I know. So, I know for a fact that these are possibly the best resources to master Excel VBA available today.

You don’t need to use all of these resources. Just buy any one of the books and enroll in any one of the courses mentioned below. All the books and courses are equally good, but personally speaking, I’d recommend the first two courses and books in the list. That should be enough for you to get started. Then, when you are done with them, you can use one more book and course to fill in any gaps which still exist. Other than books and courses, you can use the groups and forums given below to clarify any doubts and learn anything not mentioned in the books or covered in the courses. In other words, use these communities to complement your learning.

So let’s see what these resources are:


1. Excel 2016 Power Programming with VBA by Michael Alexander and Richard Kusleika

US Link                  India Link

2. Excel VBA Programming For Dummies by John Walkenbach

US Link                 India Link

3. Excel 2016 VBA and Macros by Bill Jelen and Tracy Syrstad

US Link                  India Link

4. Excel VBA in easy steps by Mike McGrath

US Link

5. Programming Excel with VBA: A Practical Real-World Guide by Flavio Morgado

US Link                  India Link

6. Mastering VBA for Microsoft Office 2016 by Richard Mansfield

US Link                  India Link


The Ultimate Excel Programmer Course by Daniel Strong

Master Microsoft Excel Macros and Excel VBA by Kyle Pew

Ultimate Excel VBA by Mark Talbert

Excel VBA Tutorials – Learn Excel Programming with practical approach by Rishabh Pugalia

yoda learning excel vba


  1. Reddit


  1. MS Excel and VBA Macros
  2. Advanced Excel Tips & tricks
  3. Microsoft Excel Solution

Obviously, the above list is not exhaustive. There are plenty of other great books, courses, groups, forums and websites that can help you learn and master Excel VBA. The above are just my recommendations. So, if you have time you should definitely go out and research about what book or course will suit you the best. Otherwise, you can safely rely on the above list. I have put a lot of time and effort into researching these resources for my own learning, as well as for the benefit of my readers.

If you know of any other book or course that is not mentioned above, I’d definitely like to know about it and share the same with others. So, please write about them in the comments below so that the other readers can benefit from those resources as well.

One last thing. The above links to the products are affiliate links. In other words, if you purchase these products (books and courses) from the above links, I’ll earn a commission. But I promise that I have not included these resources to make a quick buck at the cost of my readers. The affiliate commissions are just a way for me to be able to run MadAboutExcel and serve you with good quality content.

Thanks for reading. I am sure the above resources will help you in your journey to master Excel VBA.

See you soon. Have a EXCELlent day!